#liveoutward is an initiative to encourage all believers to Reach, Teach & Unleash.  Reach so the lost are found, Teach so the found are equipped, and Unleash so the equipped are sent.

Engage those who do not have a relationship with Jesus with simple acts of kindness to prompt spiritual conversations and point them toward a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Each month, you will receive a different challenge to assist in connecting with people in your life who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.

For each full week in the month of June, invite someone to participate in a hobby or activity with you. The goal is to find natural ways to connect with someone who does not have a relationship with Jesus over activities that you regularly participate in. Having a hobby or repeating activities outside of church functions are a great way to include non-believers and get to know them to earn an opportunity to share the gospel.


Download or print this month’s calendar to help you reach those in your circle of influence.

  • Who can I intentionally pursue and invite into what I enjoy?
  • Who in my circle would enjoy the hobbies and activities that I also enjoy?
  • How can I have fun with the people in my circle to build a relationship and earn the opportunity to share the gospel?
  • Can I pursue them by participating in their favorite hobbies or activities?
  • If these activities cost money, can I pay for their ticket or fees?
  • How can I make them feel comfortable as I invite them into my hobby?
  • How can I use our natural conversations to point them toward the gospel?

Use Your Devices

Download screensavers for your mobile phone, desktop or tablet to remind you each month to #liveoutward.

Trouble sharing Jesus?

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